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Disney Pre Show 2016 Audition Process, Working with a Show Choreographer & the Performance
Winter Wonderland at Glenelg 2016 Figure Skating Shows
Santa's Wonderland 2016 Figure Skating Shows

Come & Try Judging 2015

Winter Wonderland at Glenelg: 2015
Disney Pre Show 2016 Audition Process, Working with a Show Choreographer & the Performance

Winter Wonderland at Glenelg Figure Skating Shows
Disney On Ice Pre-Show

Sean Abram 'Skate & Create' 2014

Sean Abram 'Skate & Create' Choreographic/Component Seminar 2014
Sean Abram is a coach and show performer with a unique style, great enthusiasm, creativity and many years experience in figure skating. He is five times Australian Junior Men’s Gold medalist and two times Australian Senior Men’s Silver Medalist with the additional experience of numerous ISU competitions. More information on Sean and his credentials can be found on his website: IceMaxX: 

Sean and his family award the Abram Family Cup at the South Australian State Championships each year, see:

The topics for the on-ice sessions:
Class session
The 5 Components & What they mean
Entrances & Exits
Expressing Music
Field Movements
Positive approach to Training
Working Together 

The topics for the off-ice sessions:
Off-ice Fitness
“Acting” The Skater
Judge Talk & What They Are Looking For
Trust Exercises
Coming Out Of Your Box
Ideas Through Music


Danielle O’Brien & Greg Merriman’s Olympic Seminar “Power & Edge” 2014

Saturday 30/8/2014: Off-Ice 1.30-4.00pm, On-Ice 5.00-7.30pm
Sunday 31/8/2014: On-Ice 6.00-8.30am, Off-Ice 9.30-10.30pm

Danielle and Greg represented Australia in Ice Dance at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Throughout their career they had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches and choreographers from around the world. Such experience helped develop a strong understanding of how skaters can achieve their full potential. 

On-Ice Topics:
Stroking & crossovers
Mohawks, Choctaws & 3-turns
Counters, Rockers, Brackets & Twizzles
Difficult Turns in Sequence
Master Class
Warm-Up & Warm-Down

Off-Ice Topics:
Warm-Up & Warm-Down
Movement & Balance
Stretch Recovery
Our Experience: Overcoming Adversity, The Olympic Experience, Q&A

ISU Synchronized Skating Seminar for Championship eligible teams 28 September 2012
Moderators: Christopher Bucanan, ISU Technical COmmittee (Synchronized ) Chair, ISU judge, judging at the Olympics; Cathy Dalton, ISU Technical Committee (Synchronized), Coach and choreographer of synchronized World Champion teams.

Kylie Fennell Seminar for Coaches and Skaters 15 & 16 October 2011

Kylie Fennell is an Olympic coach.

Belinda Noonan Seminar for Skaters and Coaches 16 April 2011
Belinda Noonan is an Olympic Coach and Olympic commentator.

Kylie Fennell Skating Skills Seminar 2010

Kylie Fennell is an Olympic coach.

Susan Lynch's Technical seminar 2010
Susan Lynch is the ISA Operational Director for Judging and an ISU judge.

Cathy Taylor's Test Skills seminar for judges and skaters 2009

Cathy Taylor is ISA President and an ISU judge.

Susan Lynch's Pair Skating Seminar for skaters and judges 2009
Susan Lynch is the ISA Operational Director for Judging and an ISU judge.

Wendy Langton's Dance seminars 2009
Wendy Langton OAM is an ISU judge, judging at Olympic events.