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States & Spring Cup 2015 Results

Final placings for all events:

Sunday and final after the FS

Judges scores from IJS events:

Preliminary Ladies (Free Skate)

Preliminary Men (Free Skate)

Elementary Ladies (Free Skate)

Pre-Primary Ladies (Free Skate)

Pre-Primary Men (Free Skate)

Primary Ladies (Free Skate)

Intermediate Ladies (Free Skate)

Novice Ladies (Short Program) updated 20/9/15

Novice Ladies (Free Skate)

Novice Men (Short Program)

Novice Men (Free Skate)

Junior Ladies (Short Program) updated 20/9/15

Junior Ladies (Free Skate)

Junior Men (Short Program)

Junior Men (Free Skate)

Senior Ladies (Short Program)

Senior Ladies (Free Skate)

Adult Copper Ladies (Free Skate)

Adult Ladies Bronze (Free Skate)

Adult Silver Ladies (Young Adult) (Free Skate)

Adult Silver Ladies (28&over) (Free Skate)

Adult Silver Ladies (28&over) (Free Skate) Spring Cup

Adult Gold Ladies (Young Adult) (Free Skate)

Adult Gold Ladies (28&over) (Free Skate)

Adult Master Ladies (Free Skate)

Basic Novice Synchronized (Free Skate): available from coach

Mixed Age Synchronized (Free Skate) : available from coach

Senior Synchronized (Short Program) : available from coach

Senior Synchronized (Free Skate) : available from coach