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Joining a synchro team

Synchronized Team Skating is a rapidly growing form of figure skating.

It can provide you with fun, friends and fitness.
For more about the sport see the Synchro page here

On this page we have created a checklist of questions for you to consider when joining a team. It is intended for all skaters and their parents/guardians, whether they have been on a team before or are new to the sport. Coaches may also find it useful.

The Checklist can also be downloaded as a fill-in form here

Joining a Synchro Team Checklist 

Are you joining an Aussie Skate Team?
(i.e. Sync 1, 2 ,3 or 4) 

If ’Yes’ check that you meet these requirements before signing up and working with the team:

    I am a registered Aussie Skater:  
    I have not passed the Preliminary Test or Higher:

Are you joining an ISA Level Team? 
(i.e. Novice levels, Adult levels, Mixed Age, Junior, Senior)

If ’Yes’ check that you meet these requirements before signing up and working with the team:

    I am a current SAISA member and registered ISA Skater:  
    I have the Test level required or plan to get it soon:

Is the Team you are joining organised by a Club or similar group?

If ’Yes’ check that you meet these requirements before signing up and working with the team: 

    I have joined the Club/Group as well:
    I don’t owe any money to any other skating club/group:

Is this the first time you are joining a Synchro team? Yes No

If ‘Yes’: go to the ‘Have you asked about and understand what is involved’ question below.

If ’No’: first answer the question immediately below.

Have you been, or are you still on another Synchro Team?

    I wish to skate on both teams: Yes No
        If ‘Yes’:
        I have requested permission from both teams and coaches:

    I wish to change teams: Yes No
        If ‘Yes’:
        I have informed the coach and team manger from my original team:
            I have filled out the Change of Team Form: ☐
            The original team has signed the Form: ☐
            The new team has signed the Form: ☐
            The completed Form has been sent to SAISA and both teams: ☐
        I have cleared all my debts with my original team: ☐
        I have returned all borrowed property to my original team: ☐

    I was on a Synchro team ages ago: Yes ☐ 
        The team still exists: Yes ☐ No ☐
        If ‘Yes’ continue with this question
        I filled out the Change of Team Form when I left: Yes ☐ No ☐
        If ‘No’ continue with this question
        I have let the original team know I am now joining a different team: ☐
        I have asked the original team if they require a Change of Team Form: ☐

Have you asked about and understand what is involved with joining this Team?
 (suggested topics)
    I understand the Team’s goal: ☐
    I understand there may be lots of practices: ☐
        I understand the need to turn up to all practices: ☐
    The expenses have been explained to me: ☐
        I have agreed to pay all expenses on time: ☐
    I may need to do extra lessons or practices to upgrade my skills: ☐
    I realise off-ice sessions may be part of the training: ☐
    This Team wishes to compete:
        I will be available for that competition: ☐
    I understand a competitive team needs to qualify for events such as:
        State Championships: ☐ 
        National Championships: ☐
        International events: ☐
    I understand there are Codes of Conduct to adhere to: ☐ 
        I agree to comply with the Codes of Conduct: ☐
        I agree to be respectful to all coaches, officials and skaters: ☐
    I will not solicit skaters from other coaches or teams to join our team: ☐ 
        I understand soliciting other skaters is unethical: ☐ 
        I understand soliciting may adversely affect me: ☐
        I understand my soliciting may adversely the team coach(s): ☐

    I have already got or will organise a Proof of Age Number: ☐
    I am an Australian citizen: ☐ or if required,
        The team knows I am a foreign skater: ☐

            I realise a clearance may be needed: ☐        
     I understand there may be age restrictions for synchro teams: ☐
    I understand the importance of the position on the team as an Alternate: ☐       

Do you need more detailed explanations?

Solicitation is explained here
Proof of Age Number is explained here
Age restrictions and test level requirements can be found here
The ISA Code of Conduct (skaters) is found here
(The team may also have its own Codes)
Foreign Skater clearance is found here