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Brendan Kerry & Monica MacDonald Workshop 2022

Brendan Kerry and Monica MacDonald Workshop

5 & 6 March 2022

Just back from the Olympic Winter Games, Winter Olympian and Flag Bearer for Australia, Brendan Kerry, along with Winter Olympian Monica McDonald, will present a Workshop at the IceArena.

Dates and Times
Dates:: 5 & 6 March 2022
Time: 10am-12noon & 4pm-6pm each day for on-ice
          1pm-3pm each day for off-ice
          See Workshop Schedule for details.

Workshop Flyer here
Workshop Schedule here
Enrolment Form here

SAISA is subsidising this event however Enrolment and a Co-payment fee is required.
Co-payment fees:
SAISA Member Skaters: $80
SAISA Member Coaches: $50
Non-SAISA Member Coaches: $75

Skaters must be members of SAISA
Coaches must register and pay the relevant fee.
Coaches may have their skates on and be on the ice at the barrier to hear the presenter and must follow any direction the presenter gives them.

What to bring:
Apart from your skate gear please bring your off-ice exercise gear
a light resistance band
skipping rope
yoga mat
foam roller (if possible)
padding for on ice (if needed).


Q & A
Q: Can Adult skaters do the seminar?
A: Yes, if they have a Test level.

Q: I have my Preliminary Patterns and have booked to do my Program Test in March. Can I do the seminar?
A: Yes