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Version 12 March 2018

The objects of the Association are printed here.
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5. Objects


 The objects of the Association are:

a)  to participate in the governance and operations of ISA as a full member

b)  to be and act as the sole body responsible for the governance, administration, control and development of the sport of        Ice Skating in South Australia under the rules, regulations and delegations of ISA

c)  to promote and foster the objects, rules and regulations of ISA and ISU and to develop and implement such By-Laws as it considers necessary for Ice Skating in South Australia

d)  to provide opportunities for Ice Skating in South Australia to be practised in accordance with the needs of its participants, without discrimination of any kind and with a spirit of friendship and fair play, and having regard to the public interest in its operations

e)  to establish, maintain and improve standards of Ice Skating within South Australia

f)  to provide, implement and supervise uniform regulations and standards for tests, competitions and championships in South Australia

g)  to conduct, encourage, guide, promote and advance Ice Skating in South Australia

h)  to encourage the provision and development of facilities for participation in Ice Skating in South Australia

i)  to actively liaise with ISA, Government and the community in furthering these Objects.