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When things go wrong

Grievance Procedure
When grievances (concerns, problems or issues) arise the following action should be taken:

Local resolution

  1. Firstly, the adult member or member’s parent/guardian/carer should decide whether they could resolve the issue themselves and whether this is appropriate. To do this they should also think about the outcome they would like to achieve.
    1. Direct action: They could talk directly with the person involved.
      1. It is important to note that it will help resolve the issue at this early stage if they only involve those who need to know of the complaint; e.g. don’t tell everyone else first before talking to the person you have the trouble with as this can cause irreversible damage.
      2. Club/team assistance: The team manager or a club representative may be able to help resolve the issue at team or club level.
  2. Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) assistance.
    1. MPIO are registered and have completed the Australian Sports Commission approved training course. They will listen to your grievance in confidence and outline options available to you.
      1. SAISA can provide an MPIO.
      2. To request an MPIO be assigned to you, email SAISA. You need not outline any reason.

SAISA assistance

  1. Where any member feels they have a grievance that warrants further investigation or assistance they should outline their concerns in writing, marked ‘Private and Confidential’, to SAISA.
  2. When the grievance is received a Grievance Officer will discuss the complaint with you and take whatever steps are needed to confirm whether the grievance can be substantiated.
    1. If the complaint is substantiated the Grievance Officer will take all necessary steps to help resolve the matter.
    2. They will then recommend appropriate action to the SAISA Board.
    3. If the Grievance Officer finds the grievance cannot be substantiated, they will advise you in writing.
      1. You may appeal this decision in writing to the SAISA Board.
  3. Where the Grievance Officer is unable to resolve a matter, or considers it to be of a very serious nature, they will further follow the guidelines in the Member Protection Policy to resolve the issue.


  1. All information received by the Grievance Officer, and all information surrounding the circumstances of a grievance, will remain confidential.

Natural Justice

  1. In investigating a grievance and/or determining whether it can be substantiated, the Grievance Officer will observe the rules of natural justice and apply the procedures specified in the Ice Skating Australia member protection policy/procedure and provide details as appropriate to the SAISA Board.           


  1. Except in cases where SAISA is legally obliged to pass the grievance on to authorities, the person reporting a grievance has the final say in how the grievance will be handled.

This procedure is available on the Policies page as a pdf.