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Dejan Jovanovic Trophy

Dejan Jovanovic was a memorable and enthusiastic skater and coach who encouraged artistic and athletic excellence in ice skating. In memory of Dejan, who sadly lost his battle with leukemia in 2006, the Jovanovic family present a trophy in Dejan's honour at the State Championships & Spring Cup.

2017 Winner

3 AIM members with Dejana, sister of Dejan

Winners are:
2019: Ashley Colliver
2018: Meg Rafinian
2017: Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age Synchronized Team
2016: Jackson Chen
2015: Giuseppe Triulcio
2014: Giuseppe Triulcio

2013: Isabelle Mason
2012: James Min
2011: Rhianon Reese and Adelaide Ice Magic synchronized team

2010: James Min
2009: Madison Murray
2008: Joda Walter
2007: Joshua Broad