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SAISA conducts Test sessions on behalf of Ice Skating Australia and uses highly qualified SAISA judges to assess these Tests.

Working towards and achieving Test levels is an important part of a skater's development. Skaters enter events at competitions dependent on their Test levels and so desired Test levels should be completed before close of entries of a competition.   

Next Test session: Saturday August 6 @11.15am (1.5 hour session)

Test Planner 2022
Applications for Tests should reach SAISA 3 weeks before the Test (this includes the fee). Late entries may miss out if ice time and judges can't accommodate the extra Test. Skaters should complete their needed Tests by the closing date of the competition. Reminder: skaters must be current financial members of SAISA at ISA level to take a test.

Test Dates
The dates are offered by the rink and where possible are 28 days apart to allow repeats, if needed, at the next Test session (see 28 day Rule below). Consideration was also given to enabling skaters to qualify prior to a competition although it is not possible to meet all competition entry deadlines at the last minute. Planning ahead is recommended. 

Please note that the dates may need to be changed from time to time to meet the requirements of the rink and the availabllity of judges on the days listed. Judges are volunteers who have paid professions outside of skating which can restrict their availability.

Test Sessions (usually only 1 hour available): 

  • Test Sessions: 
    Jan 19 (Wed) @ 6:00pm,
    Feb 20 (Sun) @10:45am, 
    Mar 19 (Sat) @ 4:45pm,
    Apr (cancelled)

    May 14 (Sat) @1.30pm
    Jun 18 (Sat) @ 11:15am
    Jul 10 (Sun) @ 9:15am
    Aug 6 (Sat) 11:15am tbc
  • remainder will be announced as rink allocates timeslots

Test Application form 2022 here  
Test Fees only as pdf here

Test Fee Schedule 2021
(all fees are per skater & include the ice fee and the ISA test fee)

Preliminary Technical Pattern Skills or Technical Program   -  $85
Elementary Technical Pattern Skills or Technical Program  -  $90
Basic Novice Technical Pattern Skills or Technical Program  -  $110
Advanced Novice Technical Pattern Skills  or Technical Program -  $125
Junior Technical Pattern Skills or Technical Program -  $125
Senior Technical Pattern Skills or Technical Program -  $125
Senior Technical Program or Technical Program -  $125
Pairs  -  $90
Dance: Preliminary  (one or both dances) -  $85
Dance: Elementary (both dances only
)  -  $95
Dance: Basic Novice (all three dances or sparately)  -  $125

Further Information

More than one test on the same day:

Applicants must discuss this with the Test Convener BEFORE submitting the form and payments. Applicants wishing to take tests of different levels should be aware that if the lower level test is not passed the higher level test cannot be taken and the fee is forfeited.

Contact the Test Convener via email at

Competition eligibility and Test levels:

Test levels should be achieved BEFORE the close of entries of a competition.
 ISA ByLaws in Section 3 (Singles & Pair Skating), Section 4 (Ice Dance), Section 5 (Adult Singles & Pair), Section 10 (Synchronized Skating). 
Please take this into account in your training plan and consider the 28-day Rule for failed tests.

28-day Rule:

If a test is not passed the skater cannot be judged again for that test before the 28th day after the failed test.
See ISA Rule 204 in Section 2 in 
ISA ByLaws.

Test closing dates:

Closing dates need to be set so that qualified judges can be organised to attend and ice bookings can be confirmed, adjusted to the length of time needed or cancelled without incurring the ice hire fee. Three weeks before a Test date is the minimum time needed for this. Applications received after this time may not be considered.

Late entries:

See also Test closing dates. Late entries can only be considered if confirmed ice hire time allows an extra test and judges qualified for that level are already attending the test session.

Further Test dates:

Coaches are welcome to contact the test convener to discuss extra or alternate test dates.

Non-refundable component and refunds:

$40 from the test fee may be withheld from a withdrawal after the closing date.

The whole test fee is forfeited if the skater does not attend without due notice.

The second test is forfeited if the lower test is not passed when a skater attempts tests in different levels on the same day.

Membership requirements:

Skaters must be an ISA Skater Member of SAISA and must be financial. Member Aussie Skaters must upgrade their membership to ISA skater when applying for the Preliminary Test (the difference in fee only is required). Interstate skaters must be approved members of an ISA Member State Association and must apply for permission from their State Secretary. Member coaches are eligible to take tests. 

SAISA Test Guidelines (pdf)