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SAISA conducts Test sessions on behalf of Ice Skating Australia and uses highly qualified SAISA judges to assess these Tests.

Working towards and achieving Test levels is an important part of a skater's development. Skaters enter events at competitions dependent on their Test levels and so desired Test levels should be completed before close of entries of a competition.   

Next Test session: Thursday 5 Oct at 6:15am; applications due 18 Sep

Test Planner
Applications for Tests should reach SAISA 3 weeks before the Test (this includes the fee). Late entries may miss out if ice time and judges can't accommodate the extra Test. Skaters should complete their needed Tests by the closing date of the competition. Reminder: skaters must be current members of SAISA to take a test.

February Test: Thursday 9th at 6:15am. Completed
March Test: Thursday 2nd at 6:15am 
April Test: Thursday 6th at 5:45am Completed
May Test: Thursday 4th at 6:15am Completed

June Test: Thursday 1st at 6:15am Completed
July Test: Thursday 6th at 6:15am Completed
August Test: Thursday 3rd at 6:15am Cancelled
September Test: Thursday 7th at 6:15am Completed
Added by request:
October Test: Thursday 5th at 6:15am

Test Application Form & Fee Schedule 2017 (type-in document)
Test Fees remain unchanged since 2011

A reminder to skaters and coaches that skaters intending to test at these sessions must be financial members of SAISA and that incomplete applications will not be considered. All completed Test Application Forms and the appropriate fee must be received by SAISA before the close of entries. Applications will be processed in order of receipt. Entry into the test session will also depend on the availability of qualified judges so early applications are advised. Please note: 

  • forms must be signed by the relevant coach;
  • applications for more than one test on the same day must be discussed with the Test Convener before submitting the form;
  • proof of age applications can also be completed at the test session if needed.

SAISA Test Guidelines (pdf)