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Sean Abram photos
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Abram Family Cup

Sean Abram   (more photos here)
The Abram Family Cup is awarded annually by the Abram family in recognition of Berna & Bevan Abram's many years of voluntary service to ice skating in South Australia and Sean Abram's many figure skating achievements in international competition and professional skating. The Abram family awards the Cup to a skater selected for showing improvement,entertainment factor and a potential for representing South Australia. 
2019 Winner
Ciana with Abram family member Clare Kirby

2017 Winner:

Kiana with Lisa Hester (nee Abram)

Winners of the Abram Family Cup are:
2019: Ciana Tang-Edwards
2018: James Lin
2017: Kiana Castro
2016: Lauren Moore
2015: James Min
2014: Andy Yao
2013: Giuseppe Triulcio
2012: Tahlia Nimo
2011: Arielle Jennings
2010: Amy Newbery
2009: India Nette
2008: Jessinta Martin