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Panda 2013 Results
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see also State Championships pages and SA Skate pages

State Championships & Spring Cup 


Australian Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Placings for SA Skaters):

Jessinta Martin - Senior Ladies - 4th place
Harmonie Wong - Senior Ladies - 7th place
Lauren Moore - Junior Ladies - 18th place
Ashley Colliver - Novice Ladies - 14th place
India Nette - Novice Ladies - 21st place
James Min - Novice Men - 1st place
Giuseppe Triulcio - Novice Men - 5th place
Natasha Colliver - Intermediate Ladies - 18th place
Bianca Martin - Intermediate Ladies - 22nd place
Arielle Jennings - Primary Ladies - 20th place
Kiana Castro - Primary Ladies - 22nd place
Rhianon Reese - Adult Master Ladies - 2nd place
Jane Kahlbaum - Adult Gold Ladies - 6th place
Stephanie Huot - Adult Silver Ladies - 11th place
Kin Pong Yu - Adult Silver Men - 1st place
Adelaide Ice Magic - Junior Synchronized Teams - 5th place
Adelaide Icicle Magic - Open Synchronized Teams - 1st place
Adelaide Icy Magic - Basic Novice Synchronized Teams - 4th place

Panda Challenge & Artistic Trophy 2013

SA State Championships & Spring Cup 2013

SA Skate 2013


Australian Figure Skating Championships 2012 
South Australian results

State Championships

Spring Cup

Spring Cup Aussie Skate

Dragon City Trophy & Sun Loong Artistic Challenge

Kings Domain Masters

Hollins Trophy

Olympic Trophy & Artistic Challenge

ANZAS Adult Competition


Maplewood Synchro Classic 2011
            Open Juvenile - Adelaide Ice Magic - 1st

Australian Figure Skating Championships 2011
           South Australian results

SA State Championships & Spring Cup 2011
          Aussie Skate
          Abram Family Trophy  -  Arielle Jennings
          Dejan Jovanovic Trophy  -  Rhianon Reese

SA Skate 2011
          Aussie Skate

Wintersun Trophy 2011

Hollins Trophy 2011

Autumn Trophy 2011

Olympic Trophy & Artistic Challenge 2011


Australian Figure Skating Championships 2010 
Power Balance 2010 Australian Figure Skating Championships
2010 National Adult Demonstration Competition

SA State Championships 2010          

       Solo Dance & Aussie Skate


Dragon City Trophy 2010


Winter Sun Trophy & La Patinage 2010


SA Skate 2010
Results (Elementary to Junior)
Results (Aussie Skate, Adult, Solo Dance, Preliminary and summary of placings for Elementary to Junior)

Autumn Trophy 2010

Hollins Trophy 2010


Silver Blades April Trophy Results 2010


Olympic Trophy & Artistic Challenge 2010




Silver Blades Figure Skating Club Artistic Competition 2009


 Australian Figure Skating Championships 2009

 Primary Ladies
6th - Hannah Smith
12th - Amy Newbery
18th - Madison Murray
24th - Grace Mullins

Intermediate Ladies
8th - Lauren Moore
14th - Rhianon Reese
19th - Sheridan Murray
27th - Rudi McEwin

Intermediate Men
 3rd - Joshua Broad

Novice Ladies
12th - Jessinta Martin
18th - Melissa Tyson

Primary Pairs
2nd - Amy Newbery & Joshua Broad

Novice Synchronized
2nd - Adelaide Icicle Magic

Senior Synchronized
 2nd - Adelaide Ice Magic



State Championships/Winter Challenge 2009


IJS results


Results (Aussie Skate, Pre-Preliminary, Youth, Adult, Solo Dance) 



Hollins Trophy 2009


Autumn Trophy 2009


Silver Blades Figure Skating Club Championships 2009


Dragon City Trophy & Sun Loong Artistic 2009


Olympic Trophy & Artistic Challenge 2009


SA Skate 2009 
Aussie Skate / Pre-Preliminary / Adult / Solo Dance (pdf)
Preliminary to Novice
Judges Scores (pdf files)

 Novice Ladies Short Program
 Novice Men Short Program
 Intermediate Ladies Short Program
 Intermediate Men Short Program
 Primary Ladies Short Program
Novice Ladies Free Skate
Pre-Primary Ladies Short Program
 Novice Men Free Skate
Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
Primary Ladies Free Skate
Pre-Primary Ladies Free Skate
Elementary Ladies Free Skate
Preliminary Ladies Free Skate
Preliminary Men Free Skate


NFSC Aussie Skate Spectacular 2009