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SAISA Code of Conduct


This Code has been adapted from a model framework produced by the SA Government in consultation with a number of sport and recreation organisations and addresses a range of undesirable behaviours.  Some of these behaviours are unlawful.  Some are not unlawful but should not be tolerated in a sport. a downloadable pdf of the code is here.


This Code applies to parents/guardians and coaches as well as to skaters and officials. By applying for SAISA Membership you agree to abide by this Code. Parents/guardians agree to abide by this Code when applying for their own membership or that of their child or a child in their care. This Code also applies when representing South Australia interstate and internationally and abiding by it is essential to continuance of this privilege.


The purpose of this Code for the South Australian Ice Skating Association Inc is to make clear the responsibilities and expected standard of behaviour of participants, parents, coaches and officials and is based on the following principles:

  • SAISA is committed to fair and safe practices in the sport.
  • SAISA is committed to providing a sport environment free of discrimination and harassment, where individuals are treated with respectand dignity, and where children receive the protection afforded to them by law. SAISA will not tolerate behaviour which constitutes abuse, discrimination or harassment under any circumstances and will take disciplinary action against anyone who breaches this Code.

General Principles

SAISA expects that all participants, parents, coaches and officials will abide by the following principles and will:

  1. not knowingly discriminate against, abuse, harass, bully, ridicule or embarrass anyone in the sport;
  2. treat all persons with respect, dignity and proper regard for their rights and obligations and be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings;
  3. act at all times in a fair and sporting manner and in such a way as to ensure good relations within and between individuals, teams and other organisations;
  4. conduct themselves in a proper manner to the complete satisfaction of SAISA and its delegates, so as not to bring themselves, SAISA, the team or the sport into public disrepute or censure;

This means that you will:

  • treat others as you would like to be treated yourself;
  • co-operate with coaches, officials and other skaters;
  • refrain from losing your temper on or off the ice;
  • not engage in sledging during competitions or at any other time;
  • not use social media to post malicious, abusive, defamatory, offensive or hateful content;
  • not make inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate statements about SAISA, ISA, ISU or their officials;

And, this also means that you will:

  • take directions from your coach, team manager, team leader, officials and event organising committee personnel;
  • comply with requirements regarding practices, (on and off ice), bed-time and ‘lights out’, rest periods, meal-times, etc.;
  • participate in team activities (or seek approval for absences from your team manager);
  • advise your team manager of your intended whereabouts and contact phone number if you are away from the team;
  • comply with the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority’s sport- specific guidelines and be aware of ISA’s policies requiring Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) applications for prescription medications.

As a Coach or Official you will also:

  1. always use your position of power and authority to benefit participants and SAISA;
  2. recognise any special needs and not unreasonably exclude from participation or treat less favourably any person;
  3. understand what is meant by the terms abuse, discrimination, harassment and other terms used in this Code and express this understanding in your behaviour towards others;
  4. promote this Code and make it clear to participants, parents and other coaches and officials that any unlawful discriminationor inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated; 
  5. set an example, remembering that you are in a position of trust; respond to concerns or allegations of breaches of this Code.

This means that as a coach you will:

  • be reasonable in your demands and focus on efforts and performance rather than winning and losing;
  • support each student fairly;
  • provide quality instruction and supervision.

This means that as an official you will: 

  • be consistent, objective, courteous and supportive when making decisions;
  • treat seriously and confidentially any matters relating to this Code that are brought to your attention.