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Board Members

Following the AGM held in 2022:

President: Reina O'Connor
Vice- President: Chelsea Skene
Hon. Treasurer: Tara O'Connor
Hon. Secretary: Moira Henningsen
Board Member: Elizabeth Henningsen
Board Member: Nicola Reese
Board Member: Vacant
Board Member: Lynn O'Reilly (since retired)

Public Officer: Tara O'Connor

Test Convener: Nicola Reese
Judging Convener: Tara O'Connor
Competition Convener: Reina O'Connor

Website: Reina O'Connor
Facebook & Instagram: Moira Henningsen

Membership Database: Reina O'Connor

Coaching Development contact: Nicola Reese
Club Development contact: Moira Henniingsen
Elite Performance contact: Chelsea Skene
Officiating contact: Tara O'Connor
Harassment-free contact: Nicola Reese
Social Inclusion contact: Chelsea Skene

ISA Delegates 2020:
Nicola Reese
Tara O'Connor

Chelsea Skene

ISA Board Member appointed in 2020:
Moira Henningsen