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AFSC 2015

Congratulations to the South Australian State Team 2015
Placings for South Australian Skaters
Mixed Age Synchronized Teams: Adelaide Ice Magic 3rd  (Bronze Medal), Silver Blades SpinFx: 5th 
Basic Novice Synchronized Teams: Adelaide Ice Magic 1st  (Gold Medal) - Australian Champions
Adult Gold Ladies: Bianca Martin 3rd  (Bronze Medal)
Adult Master Ladies: Lauren Moore 1st  (Gold Medal) - Australian Champion
Adult Silver Ladies: Tamasin Mildren 2nd (Silver Medal), Madeline Swan 7th, Stephanie Huot 9th, Malou van Zantan 13th.
Senior Synchronized Teams: Adelaide Ice Magic Senior 5th
Primary Men: Richard Zilincik 4th 
Primary Ladies: Isabelle Mason 10th, Kaitlyn Ineson 16th, Kiana Castro 18th, Laura McArthur 19th
Intermediate Ladies: G G 10th
Novice Ladies: Arielle Jennings 17th
Novice Men: Giuseppe Triulcio 1st (Gold Medal) - Australian Champion, Tremayne Bevan 6th
Junior Ladies: Ashley Colliver 16th
Junior Men: James Min 1st (Gold Medal) - Australian Champion, Giuseppe Triulcio 6th
Senoir Ladies: Harmonie Wong - Withdrawn
Chelsea Skene , SAISA member, seconded to Nova Senior synchronised skating team from Queensland, 1st Place (Gold Medal), Australian Champions.

Results and Judges scores at: