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AFSC 2016

AFSC Congratulations to SA skaters!: 
Adult Master Pairs division:  Lauren Moore & Josef Milano: Australian Champions! 
Adult Silver Ladies 18-35 division: Madeline Swan - Silver Medalist!
Adult Silver Ladies 36+ division: Stephanie Huot - 6th Place!
Adult Silver Men division: Ashley Stuart - Australian Champion! 
Adult Gold Ladies division: Bianca Martin - 6th Place; Jane Kahlbaum - 9th Place!
Adult Gold Men division: Joshua Mercer - Australian Champion!
Adult Master Ladies division: Lauren Moore - Silver Medalist!
Mixed Age Synchronized Skating: Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age Team - 4th Place!; Firebirds - 9th Place!; BREAKAWAY - 10th Place!
Adult Basic Synchronized skating: Mixed Company - Silver Medalists!
Basic Novice Synchronized: Adelaide Ice Magic Basic Novice Team - Silver Medalists!
Basic Novice A Ladies (new division): Jasmine Nelson - 20th Place!; Madison Dempsey - 26th Place!; Angelique Gasiorowski - 27th Place!; Place Sarah Chapman - 30th Place!.
Basic Novice B Ladies: Kaitlyn Ineson - 15th Place!; Laura McArthur - 27th Place!; Abby Sims - 30th Place!.
Advanced Novice Men: Tremayne Bevan - 8th Place
Advanced Novice Ladies: Arielle Jennings - 9th Place!; Kiana Castro - 22nd Place!
Junior Ladies: Ashley Colliver - 6th Place!
Junior Men: James Min - Australian Champion!
Junior Men: Giuseppe Triulcio - 
5th Place!
Senior Men: James Min - Silver Medalist!
Senior Dance: India Nette and Patrick Adderley - 4th Place!