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Members need to know

Notices and Alerts
Notices and alerts will appear on the home page for a time and will also appear and be archived in the current year's 'News' page.

General Rules for Members
SAISA is part of the ISU (International Skating Union) structure
 and comes under the governing rules of the ISU and ISA (Ice Skating Australia). Links to their websites are on the 'links' page. On the ISA website, the ISA Constituion and Rule Book can be found on the 'Technical' page. The ISU Constitution and Rules can be found on the 'About ISU' page. The SAISA Constitution is found on SAISA's 'Policies' page along with polices members are expected to abide by.

Notices and conditions for the SAISA AGM are found on the 'About SAISA' page but alerts will also appear on the 'Home' page.

Technical Rules
SAISA has a 'Judging & Skating Rules' page which has links to current technical rules and other information.

New Season's Rules start Feb 1st
For Junior and Senior divisions, the new season's rules for elements to perform should apply from Feb 1st, in Australia, until further notice.

Vocal Music
From ISU season 2014/2015, skaters will be able to use vocals in Single and Pair Skating Programs. As the Australian season starts on Feb 1, skaters may start using vocals for Singles and Pair competitions and test from Feb 1 without penalty.

Permits and Permissions
Permission is required for any member to take part in an exhibition, show or other event involving figure skating which is not organised by SAISA/ISA or under the rules of SAISA/ISA. Members need to apply for a Permit. The forms for this are on the 'Forms' page. A Permit and Permissions Policy, found on the Policies page, will explain the need for Permits. The intent of the Permit is to consider insurance and other risk issues as well as to protect the skater's or judge's eligiblity to take part in future events. As explained in the Permits Policy, Rules 102,  releveant sections of 103 and 104, and 450  (Ice Skating Union) refer to eligility issues. SAISA affilitated clubs also need to apply for permits for their events and skaters need to follow permission procedures to attend interstate and international events including tests. Please refer to the Permits policy.

Test eligibility and Test equivalence
Test applicants must be current registered members of a member State (such as SAISA) and have completed any preceding test requirements. Coaches are eligible to take Tests if they are members of SAISA (or another State).
If you have last tested some time ago, or overseas, it is possible that your test levels will be recognised and equated to a current test level. Please apply to SAISA for recognition. SAISA may have a record of your test. For tests taken overseas SAISA will forward your request to ISA so that correct processes are followed.
If you need to take a test interstate or overseas there is a procedure to follow to ensure the test result is valid. Please see the Permit and Permissions Policy.

Competition entry - State Championships, State Team, National Championships
To be eligible to enter State Championships the skater must  generally have competed in SA Skate. Other competitions may qualify (see State Championship guidelines - 'About SAISA' section). The State Team is selected from the State Championships where-ever possible. The State Team members normally then compete in the National Championships.

Competition entry - Interstate Competitions
Skaters wishing to compete in a competition classified as an 'Interstate Competition' must be a member of SAISA whether the competition is held in SA or interstate. Even if the competition to be held interstate asks you to fill the entry form on-line and submit it directly to the organisers, you must still inform SAISA of your intention to compete. The competition organisers will contact SAISA to verify your entry and membership status. For further instructions on how to enter interstate competitions go to the 'Policies' page for the Interstate Competition Entry Policy & Procedures. 

Competition entry - International Competitions 
International entries can only be made by ISA. Entries cannot be made directly to the overseas body. SAISA needs to verify the entry before it is submitted to ISA for overseas lodgement. For further information see also the Permits and Permissions Polcy on the 'Policies' page.

The Australia Jacket
Skaters, team leaders and chaperones should be aware that there are strict rules concerning the wearing of the Australian colours and emblem. Advice from ISA sould be sought.

Hot weather and off-ice training
Even though most ice skating is done indoors, coaches, skaters and their families need to be aware of the hot-weather policies required by all sports. The hot weather policy (or extreme weather policies) apply to off-ice training as well as travelling to a rink. See 'Policies' page.

Match Fixing 
Although it may seem unlikely that the problem of match fixing, betting, result tampering and the corruption that flows from this will affect figure skating the SAISA Board has made a Match Fixing - Betting, Result Tampering and Corruption Policy as part of its responsibiblities. Members are expected to read and abide by this policy. The policy will also help you understand some of the reported incidents affecting other sports.