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Aussie Skate Curriculum Chart
Aussie Skate Curriculum Chart
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Skating Lessons, Coaches

Ice Skating Venues
Most skaters come into the sport of ice skating by skating in a public session and showing interest in wanting to learn more. Ice skating is available at the IceArena, Thebarton. 
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SAISA doesn't employ coaches but the rinks employ coaches for their skate schools and also contract independent coaches. For more on
SAISA member coaches see 'Ice Skating Coaches'.

In deciding which coach you might like to engage as a private coach the best way is to go along to the rinks and ask to observe some of the lessons. Useful guides to choosing coaches are also provided on many websites. 

SAISA endorsesIce Skating Australia's Aussie Skate (TM)
 program for teaching begginers. Aussie Skate  offers you all the basic fundementals of ice skating in preparation for moving one to other ice sports such as ice hockey, speedskating and theatre on ice as well as the figure skating disciplines, singles, pairs, ice dance (partnered or solo) and synchronized team skating. It promotes and encourages energy, health, fitness and self-confidence. More about Aussie Skate here.

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Moving up to Advanced levels
Some skaters show an interest in pursuing figure skating as a sport. SAISA endorses the national figure skating program of Ice Skating Australia (ISA) which includes levels from Preliminary to Senior. See the Figure Skating progression chart here.
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There are several paths the skater can take or they can learn skills in many areas:
Singles Figure Skating
Pair Skating
Ice Dance (couples or Solo)
Synchronised Skating (in teams)
Theatre on Ice

Each of these disciplines can lead skaters to skate at State level and even National and International level. The skaters can also choose to learn these disciplines just for fun and fitness. Many skaters will enjoy a mixture of group and private lessons and both are available. The skater may have been coached by many different coaches during their time in Aussie Skate and may wish to continue private lessons with one or more of them while progressing through the ISA levels.