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Test Dates

Next Test session: Thursday 29 Mar at 6:00am; entry now closed

Test Planner

Applications for Tests should reach SAISA 3 weeks before the Test (this includes the fee). Late entries may miss out if ice time and judges can't accommodate the extra Test. Skaters should complete their needed Tests by the closing date of the competition. Reminder: skaters must be current financial members of SAISA at ISA level to take a test.

February Test: Thursday 8 at 6:00am (now closed)
March Test: Thursday 1 at 6:00am (now closed)
March Extra Test Session: Thursday 29 at 6:00am (SAISA allocations)

April Test: Thursday 5 at 6:00am (now closed)
April Extra Test Session: Thursday 26 at 6:00am (SAISA allocations)

May Test (1): Thursday 3 at 6:00am (closing 12 Apr)
May Test (2): Thursday 31 at 6:15am (closing 10 May) 
(N.B:  Preliminary to Basic Nov A only)

June Test: Thursday 28 at 6:15am (closing 7Jun)
August Test: Thursday 2 at 6:15am (closing 12 Jul)
September Test: Thursday 6 at 6:15am (closing 16 Aug)